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Um... yes.

so im addicted to Myspace.com

this is the first time ive even looked at Lj in... probably a month...

figured id grace you with my presence.

lets see things randomly this week.

ive seen lyns like everyday... Lovin that. we've been doing alot of things that were important. umm...somethin happened to rach. hope shes alright.....

umm..... we may have to take a trip to knox tomorrow for undisclosed reasons.

i saw justin last night... no not that justin.. a different one. lol.

saw him hung out for a few. we were in the wrangler, and lmao the clutch goes out on him..so he goes and gets stuck with the pt cruiser coz his car isnt ready. we go to his moms to get the charger for his old phone he gave me. since mines broken and he has sprint now. umm... yeah saw his mom for a few. shes seriously loony i swear... haha... we're supposed to go to a late lunch here in a bit. since she wanted to get out of her date with this very odd man she works with. um... yeah lol..

after that me and lyns have a mission we have to do, and i have to go pay my cell bill and get this phone activated..... and we'll do whatever, but atleast ill be in the truck so yeah that will be fun to be in the gas hog. something is wrong with my car anyway...my abs light keeps coming on.

i talked to mike last night... he wants to go see a movie... so who knows what we'll see... we may go to the drive in tomorrow to see charlie and the chocolate factory again. and i think the 2nd movie is... must love dogs or something, not sure about that one, maybe ill nap if its boring.... umm yeah...

ohhhh my fibula, i talked to trent earlier, ive not talked to him in sooooooo long... i miss that homo. their supposed to go camping somewhere, and i told him id come visit. oh well... im bored and i have to go get ready...

my nose still fucking hurts...and the bitch is crooked.... plastic surgery here i come

holla bitches.

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i finally took pics of the truck...


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